Brushcutters & Trimmers

Also known as: Strimmers; Trimmers

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Course information:

Our brushcutter / trimmer courses offer far more than just the safe operation of this machine.  A practical session in workshop conditions will show candidates the correct way to maintain their brushcutter / trimmer so that the machine works efficiently and ensures the safety of both the operator and members of the public.

Our courses provide candidates with the knowledge and confidence to operate brushcutters / trimmers safely and effectively, saving their employer time and money.

Who is the course for?

Dale Valley Training offer novice or refresher brushcutter courses.

Course objectives:

To enable course members to understand:

  • The hazards arising from the use of brushcutters and the precautions that should be observed
  • Their responsibilities under current legislation
  • How to use brushcutters safely and efficiently

Course content (dependent upon machine type):

  • Current legislation, operator responsibilities and best practice
  • Safety and risk assessment
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Components and maintenance
  • Fuelling and starting
  • Testing the safety features
  • Checking the balance of the brushcutter / trimmer
  • Safe operation


1 – 2 Days, dependent upon experience

Accreditation options:

City & Guilds National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC)

Lantra Awards

National Plant Operator Registration Scheme (NPORS)

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