Lantra Awards Basic Tree Survey & Inspection

Also known as: Tree Survey & Inspection

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Course information:

This 1 day Lantra Awards course aims to provide candidates with the knowledge to be able to identify a hazardous tree and determine the level of risk and then decide on an appropriate course of action.

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for a wide variety of candidates – local authority highway inspectors; forestry, woodland or arboricultural employees; estate or park rangers; farmers and other landowners or their employees who have a responsibility for trees in the course of their work.  It may also be useful for those who work with trees in a voluntary capacity.

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Course objectives:

To enable course members to:

  • State the legal & safety implications of hazardous trees
  • Maintain your own health & safety while carrying out basic tree survey & inspections
  • Recognise hazardous trees & determine the level of risk
  • Decide upon an appropriate course of action
  • Collect & maintain adequate information
  • Recognise your own limitations

Course content:

  • Risk assessment
  • Legal framework
  • Tree surveys & inspections
  • Tree hazard assessment
  • The limits & scope of the surveys
  • Highways, parks, gardens, woodland
  • Hazardous trees
  • Methodology – what to look for
  • Recording pro-forma
  • Survey / Inspection exercises


1 Day

Accreditation options:

Lantra Awards

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